Professional Experience & Achievements

Founder & Co-Owner: Green Power Foods BV 2014 - Now


  • Introduction of a patented Veggie-Snacks into the (international) retail & foodservice market
  • Development & introduction of new innovative, healthy food products. The mission is to improve the world with better food!
  • Licencing

Founder & Owner: Van Hulst & Partners BV 2004 - Now

Innovations & Food Solutions

  • Ad-interim management.
  • Business Development & Innovation Consultant: Foodnovation® is an in-house developed business development system, based upon the Blue Ocean strategy, which will give highly practical guidelines for out-of-the-box innovations.
  • Product Development, Production & Introduction of a new innovative, patented food product into the market, which has resulted in the set up of Green Power Foods BV
  • Industrial Bakery Expert
  • Interim project manager Innovation (E-nr. Free bread assortment, Innovation for Sligro/Emté) De Verwenbakker Neer.
  • Training and coaching in Bakery ingredients (Bread Improvers, Wheat and Flour) for Bakers.
  • Senior Business Associate with Rijnconsult (Consulting Company).
  • Business plan (in progress) for a new European set up for food entrepreneurs, called Small Food Factory.

Director Marketing & Innovation at Bakkersland BV. 2009 - 2011

  • Bakkersland is the largest bakery organization in the Netherlands, with eighteen bakeries and a head office. Bakkersland produces bread and confectionary specialties with a turnover of € 450 million and 2,400 employees.
  • Set-up of an E-number free Automated Liquid Micro Bakery Ingredients System. That has sets the standard in the Dutch bakery industry. Mainly based on liquid enzymes.
  • Set-up of a complete new Marketing organization: Product-, Marketing- and Trade Marketing Organization.
  • Set-up of a New Product Development Process and Matrix like organization.
  • Set-up of a complete new R&D organization, with four new R&D innovation center's, a new product workflow-process, innovation & renovation targets, and a project to gain control over the complete raw-material, recipe and process workflow.
  • Innovation & Renovation projects of about 130 million-euro turnover on an annual basis.

General Manager Eurofins Food BV (Food Lab) 2008-2009

  • Management of specialized Food Lab.

General Manager Puratos NL 2004-2008

  • General management and new strategy formulation (turn-around).
  • Introduction of new Bakery concepts for the artisan bakery segment.
  • Introduction of new Future Industrial Bread concept for the Dutch industrial bakery and retail
  • Introduction of Belcolade into the traditional NL chocolate market.
  • Board member of Nebafa (Dutch Bakery Industrial Raw Material Association)
  • Nebafa delegate for the steering comity "Bakery & Health" for the total Dutch bakery market.

General Manager Smilde Bakery 1998-2004

  • General management  and strategy formulation
  • Turnover growth of 200%  in 5 years time
  • Introduction of an ERP system within 4 months (MFG/Pro).
  • Manage a vast product market portfolio of different semi-finished-, finished-, and bake-off bakery products in the Dutch and International bakery-, industry-, foodservice-, and retail market.
  • Acquisition of Van Welzen Bakeries, Bodegraven in 2003
  • Turnaround of the company from product oriented to process oriented (INK model)
  • Manage approx. 250 people.
  • Introduction of a complete new Bake-Off product line
  • Innovation of a unique robotised 24/7 production line for Cream-Horns.
  • Member of different task forces of the Dutch Allied Bakery and Confectionery Association (VBZ)

Division Manager Food Ingredients Benelux for Unilever 1995-1998

  • Stopped the decline of sales and turned it around into a growing business with 50% more turnover in 3 years time, this retaining the profitable margins.
  • Sales and product development for all major food companies in the Benelux for mainly savoury food applications (meals, salads, snacks, bakery-products, sauces, frozen vegetables etc.)
  • Development of a complete new diet (meal replacement kit) together with Paul Fagel (top-chef in the Netherlands)
  • Spin of developments for the Retail and Foodservice market for KNORR

Product Group Manager Europe/ME Givaudan 1991-1995

  • Realisation of 300% growth in 4 years time of the Product Group Bakery-, Pharmaceutical- and Confectionery Flavours.
  • Sales responsibility for some major Dutch key accounts (like Van Melle/Perfetti and General Biscuits)
  • Redesign the production process and recipes of a Turkish chewing gum factory (Baycan)
  • Bringing new encapsulation developments successful to the market
  • Linking R&D developments, like a flavour release program, successful to new developments with key accounts (like General Biscuits, Kraft Jacob Suchard, Leaf, etc.)

Management Trainee Royal Wessanen 1987-1991

  • Set up, execution and responsibility for a new product-market combination consisting of a range of healthy processed fibre and wheat germ products, with substantial sales in the Dutch food industry (United Biscuits, General Biscuits, Honig etc.)
  • Set up, execution and responsibility for a new factory to process a range of fibre and wheat germ products. Pay-back of less than 1 year.
  • Feasibility study for the production of powder fats and a special release agent for the European Wafer industry.
  • Set-up a Quality manual for the fat processing plant in Zaandijk, the Netherlands.

Wageningen University of Wageningen 1979-1987

  • Assistant teacher business administration: set up and execution of a new subject called "Quality Assurance in the Food Industry"
  • Technological and Quality Assurance projects with Mars, Heineken and the Dutch Legal & Health inspection.
  • Publication in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry of a final chemistry study on the Wine Institute of the Agricultural University of Montpellier, France.


MSc. in Food Technology and Business Administration, Wageningen University 1987

IPV (Institute pour les Produits de la Vigne), INRA Montpellier, France 1986

Marketing, Nima B, IBW, Amsterdam, NL 1988

Marketing, Nima C, SRM, Amsterdam, NL 1989

Euromarketing, SRM, Utrecht, NL 1990


Dutch: native language

English: good

French: good

German: reasonable

Spanish: basic

Personal Characteristics & Values

Innovator, International, down to earth, people oriented, net worker, open minded, strong responsible feeling, high quality standards, enthusiastic, strongly developed empathic ability, languages, integrity, honesty, humour.